What we do

We are designers, we develop products and services for the sustainable innovation of companies, territories and communities.

Our research focuses on strategic design issues and systems for distributed manufacturing.

We use a system of skills that draw on multiple disciplines such as strategic design, service design, product design, ecosystem design, innovation management.

We work with companies of all sizes, networks and consortia, with public administrations and intermediate bodies, helping them to create sustainable innovation.


We design design-drive innovation

(which means creating products, services and experiences that your customers will love)


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We are born with a platform of matching between companies and product designer to help both to improve and bring to market new successful products.

Since then we have started to implement projects and strategies to include design  in business processes at any level, to improve or implement new products or services that impact the ability of our customers to build sustainable innovation (for people and the environment).

We accompany product and service paths with agile techniques and innovative project management, also supporting SMEs or networks of companies in the adoption of digital technologies and manufacturing processes, "Industry 4-0 ready".


We design and manage Spaces for open and collaborative innovation


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We design and manage innovation spaces  such as co-working, fab labs and makerspaces, where we continuously experiment with open innovation practices. We take care of the feasibility study, passing through the architecture, up to the management.

They are places with a key role in a global landscape in continuous transformation and in search of agile answers, where together with communities of professionals, creatives, designers, makers, technologists, inventors and enthusiasts we experience frontier technologies combining them with sustainable innovation models for companies, communities and territories.


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