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On the occasion of "EXPO 2015 / Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life", Slow/d  is the official production partner for the Civil Society Pavilion in collaboration with CNA Emilia-Romagna and Fondazione Triulza. Through the launch of an international call addressed to young designers under 35, Slow/d provided the seats of the restaurant located inside the Pavilion of Civil Society, the only structure that will continue its activities once the event EXPO is over.

A single winning project selected by a qualified jury chaired by product designer Odoardo Fioravanti, containing a variable color and pattern that makes the project declined into at least 100 different "copies". The chairs have been made by 22 selected qualified craftsmen from all over Italy from whom you can request the production of the product.
Download the open source design and contribute to the project at the following link: https://gitlab.com/slowd/RJR-chair
An interactive and choral process that finds its richness in the differences, in the design approach that becomes a catalyst for a sustainable supply chain for man and the environment. An open-source product project, which has to do with territories and the social sustainability of production, opening small Italian companies to the relationship with the world.

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